Thursday, December 17, 2009

FCS Bin Size - Board #1 (Revised)

The FCS counter board #1 (used by Phill Jones) has been re-flashed with updated firmware to allow one- or two-channel data acquisition mode.

The bin sizes for one-channel mode are 0.479 μs, 0.998 μs, 1.995 μs and 4.989 μs. For two-channel mode it's 0.818 μs, 0.998 μs, 1.995 μs and 4.989 μs.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

FCS Bin Size - Board #2

New FCS hardware and firmware now provide the FCS application-level software the option of choosing one or two data channels. Lisa measured and verified the actual time bin sizes generated from the new board.

The bin sizes for one-channel mode are 0.4801 μs, 1.0002 μs, 2.0003 μs and 5.0007 μs. For two-channel mode, the values are 0.8201 μs, 1.0002 μs, 2.0003 μs and 5.0007 μs.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

FCS Bin Size - Board #1

The FCS software provides four different user-selectable bin sizes. Nominally, the available bin sizes are 0.8 μs, 1 μs, 2 μs, and 5 μs. The actual bin sizes will be slightly different because of how they are calculated in the firmware. (I will go into more detail on this below.) In reality, the bin sizes used by the software are 0.818 μs, 0.998 μs, 1.995 μs, and 5.009 μs.

The FCS hardware is controlled with an SX48 microprocessor, and the different bin sizes are generated by adding or removing instruction cycles to the SX code. The SX uses a 50MHz crystal, so each instruction cycle is 20 ns. These actual bin sizes are the closest we could get to the ideal values given the 20 ns resolution. The code for the 0.818 μs bin size has no delay cycles added, so this is the smallest possible bin size.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Code Profiler for Windows

Very Sleepy is a nifty little C/C++ profiler. It's been useful for me in code development. Plus, it's free!

Make sure to activate the proper compiler options (/Zi) in Visual Studio's property settings to produce the necessary debug information in Program Database format.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

MPM Scan - Version 0.4

Latest version of the software also executes in simulation mode without being tied to the PCI DAQ card. This enables it to function as a standalone desktop app in order to test certain features, portability, etc ...

Modified the interface layout to accommodate image statistic graphic view, region-of-interest selection capability, image frame resize, and multi-channel and single-channel capture modes.

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Download latest project source code.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

FCS Software

An initial prototype of a multi-tau software correlator. This multi-threaded software program buffers incoming streams of photon count data from a PCI-based data acquisition board, and calculates and displays correlation results in real-time.

For now, an SX processor-based development board is used to generate steady streams of gaussian pulse train which allows the software implementation of the multi-tau algorithm to be tested.

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Download latest project source code